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The conclusion is already in place: You have failed. The Queen is dead.

Our Queen Crumbles is a collaborative storytelling game about revenge, inevitable death, and saying goodbye to those you love. It is also a game about a group of travelers searching a wild land for the Assassin who killed their Queen. You will take on the role of The Knight of Whispers, The Gravity Witch, The Hangman Golem, and The Bloody Historian, the four most loyal retainers of a once great Queen. Pursue the Queen’s killer to The Tree Under the Mountain, and use what time you have left to say farewell.

This is a GM-less game for 4 players, and should take 2-3 hours to play.

Our Queen Crumbles was written for Game Chef 2019, and was one of the five English-language finalists. I really want to make a revised, full-art version of the game, but I wanted to make this version available for now. Are you interested in helping publish OQQ? Message me on Twitter and we can talk.

The Golems of Claypit is a hack of Our Queen Crumbles, written specifically as a con-wide game for Big Bad Con 2019. It uses the same character-revelation mechanics that I invented for OQQ, but focuses on a much smaller-scale story about personal fulfillment and purpose. It is a game for at least 6 people, and only takes about 45 minutes of casual conversation to play. The Golems of Claypit was co-written with Adam Vass of World Champ Game Co, layout and art by Adam Vass.


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